Tzitz Eliezer: Cigarettes for Mishloach Manos?

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tzitz-eliezerMishloach Manos requires you to send two foods to one person on Purim. Smoking gives a person a satisfying feeling and relieves hunger. Furthermore, some say it is permissible to smoke on Yom Tov because it is considered ochel nefesh. So, may you send cigarettes or snuff (tabak) as one of the foods of mishloach manos on Purim? The Tzitz Eliezer (9:33:3) brings an opinion that contends that you can be yotzei one of the foods with cigarettes. However, he brings a number of opinions that vehemently argue and he sides with them.

There is a machlokes if smoking is considered ochel nefesh and if it is permissible to smoke on Yom Tov. The Shailos Uteshuvos Tirosh V’Yitzhor says that you cannot send cigarettes for mishloach manos even according to the opinion that smoking is permitted on Yom Tov, because even if it is considered ochel nefesh ketzas, it is still not food.

The Shailos Uteshuvos Sheilos Yaakov says that according to doctors whom he consulted with, cigarettes are not food. The fact that smoking makes the smoker feel satiated is because it chases away the appetite rather than nourishes the body. The Tzitz Eliezer concludes that certainly today that we know the dangers and harm caused to the body by smoking, cigarettes definitely are not a valid food item that can be sent for mishloach manos.

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  1. A Ben Torah who smokes is a Bezayon Hatorah and is causing a tremendous Chillul Hashem. If he smokes in front of others he is a Mazik and is oiver the worst Isurei Doresia in the Torah that Yom Kippur is not mechaper for.

  2. While I agree withyou thatsmoking is bad, and should not be done, I can think of worse Chilul Hashems and Isurei D’Oraisa!

    Are you as vehemently vocal against those who talk during davening?

    Do you make a Macha’ah against those who dress untzniyusdik?

    What about Loshon Hara?

    Pritzus ad Kidushim in shuls?

    Prikus Ol prevelant in so many “bungalow colonies”?

    the list goes on and on

    yet, I am sure “Bnei Torah who smoke” is worse than all of the above, according to your opinion.

    Cool it, my friend.

  3. first of all,if u want to give cigarettes for mishloach manos,u give it only to people who smoke.second of all,a cigarette u dont make a bracha on,so it cant be a mishloach manos.

  4. is everyone so busy with all the other mitzvahs…what about being a mentch…we live in such a weak generation everything becomes a shalah–all tzurvah midrabanan but am haratzim midoreisa

  5. Trying to legitimize something by saying that something else is wrong is a pretty weak argument. Your defense of smoking cigarettes just makes you an accomplice to the Chillul Hashem.


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