U.K. May Deport Female Muslim Immigrants

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burkaBritish Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday said that his country may deport female Muslim immigrants if they don’t learn how to speak English with proficiency. Cameron’s comment came during an announcement of his government’s plan to fund English classes for Muslim women immigrants.

The program hopes to combat extremism by further integrating immigrant women into British society.

“I think it’s quite right to say to people who come to our country that there are many rights that you have here—it’s a fantastic country to live in—but there are also obligations that we should put on people who come to our country, and chief amongst them should be obligations to learn English because then you can integrate, you can take advantage of the opportunities here and you can help us to build the strong country that we want,” Cameron said. Read more.

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  1. What’s worse Trump for not letting them in or Cameron letting them in but then deporting those who are female but are not good enough to master a new language?


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