U.N. To ‘All but Decided’ Trump: Don’t Quit Iran Deal 

President Trump has all but decided to quit the Iran nuclear deal, White House officials have told Reuters, despite a warning from the United Nations that leaving the deal without a replacement could lead to war.
Reuters reported this morning that two White House officials and “a source familiar with the administration’s internal debate” said Trump was prepared to quit the nuclear deal signed in 2015, but hadn’t yet made his final call. One official said Trump was “most of the way there toward pulling out of the deal, but he hasn’t made the decision” and that he “seems poised to do it, but until a decision is made by this president it is not final.” Meanwhile U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged Trump to stay in the deal, telling the BBC there’s a real risk of war should the deal disintegrate. Guterres said the Iran agreement was an “important diplomatic victory” and should be maintained. “We should not scrap it unless we have a good alternative,” he said, adding: “We face dangerous times.” Read more at THE STAR.


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