U.S. Ambassador Gives Sneak Peak of Embassy in Yerushalayim


The U.S. Ambassador to Israel posted a video Friday that shows part of the new American Embassy in Yerushalayim, which was moved from its previous location in Tel Aviv by President Donald Trump.

The video shows crews working on the new embassy’s facade, the construction of a stage for the opening ceremony, and signs that read: “Trump Makes Israel Great” and  “Trump is a Friend of Zion.”
Ambassador David Friedman wrote on Twitter that he was “excited for the ceremony and proud of all the Embassy staff who worked so hard to make this event happen. Eternally grateful to President Trump for his courage and vision.” The Embassy is expected to open on May 14th. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called it a “slap in the face.” Germany advised its citizens to stay away from  Jerusalem’s Old Town in the coming days due to the “possibility of violence.” Read more.



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