Video: U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran

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?????????????????????????[VIDEO BELOW] The U.S. imposed new sanctions on Iran on Sunday just a day after international nuclear sanctions were lifted as part of a cooperative deal.

These new sanctions prevent 11 entities and individuals in the country linked to Iran’s missile program from using the U.S. banking system.

This comes directly in response to an Iranian ballistic missile test in October of last year. Read more at BBC News.

The following is a statement delivered today by President Obama in the Cabinet Room on the impact of U.S. leadership in Iran:



  1. You see. President Obama is a true leader with real courage to take on the evil confronting the world. You evil white Republican men are just pure racists for always casting an evil eye on a highly successful black man.

  2. What a reactionary government! We need a proactive govt. enough of this reactive mishugaas!
    And the world continues to laugh at ys!


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