U.S. Reports Highest Daily Coronavirus Cases Since July

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Daily new coronavirus infections in the U.S. surged to their highest level since late July, approaching numbers seen during the outbreak’s midsummer peak.

The increase comes after the U.S. government on Friday gave some of the first specific information about how it will handle vaccine distribution, targeting vulnerable populations under long-term care.

The country reported more than 69,000 new cases Friday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, up from 63,610 a day earlier and the most since July 29. The U.S. has now reported more than 8.05 million cases, with more than 218,000 dead.

World-wide, more than 39 million people have been infected and more than 1.1 million have died, according to Johns Hopkins’s data.

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  1. By examining our own Democrat Governor’s response and comments on a local TV station’s Facebook page, it seems quite likely the spread of panic and fear is intentional, For Votes. By keeping the public in such a state of fear, it creates a pseudo-trust which makes it **more** likely votes will go their way. So, it is **not** about public safety, but purely political. It’s the same with masks. Those who decline to wear them will be ostracized and be the ones to blame, and **not** the politician. For Anyone who thinks a “surgical mask” will prevent a Covid infection “because nurses wear them in hospitals” are unaware of methods in treating Covid patients. There are videos showing the PPE involved in treating Those patients. They are NOT wearing surgical masks, which is what most everyone is handing out.

  2. Thank you President Trump. May G-d continue giving you lots of hatzlachah and Heavenly assistance to eradicate them all.

    Sure it’s the highest daily coronavirus cases which they planned in May that Sept and Oct will be an upsurge in the corona hoax. After all they hope to be completed before elections.


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