U.S Supplies Brazil With 2 Million Doses Of Hydroxychloroquine


The United States has supplied Brazil with 2 million doses of hydroxychloroquine for use against the coronavirus, the two governments said on Sunday, according to Reuters.

The White House released a joint announcement on the drug, whose use has been touted both by US President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

“The American and Brazilian people stand in solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus,” the statement said. “We are announcing the United States Government has delivered two million doses of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to the people of Brazil.”

“HCQ will be used as a prophylactic to help defend Brazil’s nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals against the virus. It will also be used as a therapeutic to treat Brazilians who become infected,” it said.

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  1. Yale Epidemiologist: Hydroxychloroquine Should Be ‘Widely Available And Promoted Immediately’ As Standard Treatment
    by Tyler Durden
    Sun, 05/31/2020
    Hydroxychloroqine – a cheap, widely-prescribed anti-malaria drug which was deemed safe for decades until it showed efficacy treating coronavirus – needs to be made “widely available and promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe,” according to Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch.

    • I agree it should be widely available. I also agree it should be promoted by those who believe mass-offered HCQ is a good idea, but it is my opinion it should be prescribed only by physicians who are liable to damages. For the rest of us, we will stay careful not to get this disease, and we will compare in 6 mos how things go in France, Brasil, and everything else in between.

      By the way it is misleading to say HCQ was deemed safe for decades in healthy individuals. Malaria chemioprophylaxis was limited to, I think, 4 weeks if I recall correctly, and could not be repeated within a few years. Also there was lots of paperwork to sign about being aware of potentially deadly and long-term-disabling side effects etc. My family traveled to a non-cloroquine resistant infested area and we declined it, and we read all of the papers before deciding.

  2. US supplies Brazil but the US’s own pharmacy refuses to give it. Will the US patients have to buy it off from Brazil?

  3. So why is it so hard to get in the US of A? If it’s good enough for the Brazillians, it’s good enough for Americans.

  4. Trump is correct. If the “educated” would rather us citizens die by denying hdc to them, at least let brazilians live.

  5. Good for them! This is a Nitzachon for Dr. Zelenko. Hashem is gonna repay him iyh for all the goood he has caused.


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