U.S. to Invest $120 Million in Israeli Tunnel Detection System

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The U.S. government is set to invest $120 million in developing and manufacturing an “Israeli invention” for detecting and identifying tunnels, in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Defense, which will invest a similar amount.

A U.S. deputy defense secretary visited Israel a few weeks ago and saw the anti-tunnel project in its early stages around Gaza. Impressed, he approved $40 million for the first year.

The system is supposed to detect digging, or any other activity, up to a depth of dozens of meters underground.

The U.S. is in need of such a system on its Mexico border. The injection of American money and technology will shorten the deployment time of the system in Israel. Hamas can see the digging work on Israel’s side, planting something in the earth. They understand that when the project is completed, it will neutralize their ultimate attack weapon: tunnels.

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