U.S. Undercuts Palestinian Suit over Jerusalem Move, Bolton Says Palestine Is “Not a State”


U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton announced Wednesday that the U.S. would withdraw from the “optional protocol” in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations after the PA filed a complaint with the International Court of Justice over the U.S. moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem,┬áHunter Walker reports at Yahoo News.

Bolton referred to the “so-called state of Palestine” and explained: “Of course it’s not a state now. It does not meet the customary international law test of statehood. It doesn’t control defined boundaries. It doesn’t fulfill the normal functions of government. There are a whole host of reasons why it’s not a state. It could become a state, as the president said, but that requires diplomatic negotiations with Israel.”

Bolton said his view was in line with “a position that the United States government has pursued uniformly since 1988….We don’t recognize it as the state of Palestine. We have consistently across Democratic and Republican administrations opposed the admission of Palestine to the United Nations as a state because it’s not a state.”




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