Uber, Lyft Propose $21 An Hour Minimum Wage For Drivers In California

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Uber and Lyft have said they would support a $21-an-hour minimum wage for drivers in California, a move that would be a significant change for two of the biggest gig-economy companies.

The new pay structure would ensure drivers make $21 an hour, but only when they have a rider in their car or are on their way to pickup a passenger.

The shift from Uber and Lyft comes as a landmark bill that would expand worker benefits in California is set for a critical vote Friday in a state Senate committee. If the bill is signed into law as written, all workers for “gig economy” firms — notably Lyft and Uber — would become employees and would be eligible for considerable benefits under state law, including workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits and other perks that are guaranteed to full-time employees but not contractors.

Read more at NBC News.



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