UK Hails Man Who Fled Attack Holding Beer An Unlikely Hero

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People in the U.K. have responded to the deadly London Bridge attack with sorrow and distinctly British humor, hailing a man pictured walking away from the mayhem holding a pint of beer as a tongue-in-cheek symbol of defiance.

Television footage of crowds running away from the attack that killed seven includes a man in a red top walking slowly with a mostly full beer in his hand.

A picture of the man was posted on Twitter by Howard Mannella, who tweeted : “People fleeing #LondonBridge but the bloke on the right isn’t spilling a drop. God Bless the Brits!” The comment received tens of thousands of retweets.

Some joked on social media about London’s notoriously high prices. Twitter user Andrew Brooks said in response to the photo: “Evacuate? Well, OK. But this beer cost £6 a pint. I’m taking it with me.” Read more at ABC NEWS.



  1. Jokes r grt but get serious and stop the growing threat by getting rid of some of these peace loving muslims remember what they did to German Jews during ww2 for fear they may be dangerous


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