UK Jews Suffer Kosher Meat Shortage

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meatMenachem’s kosher butcher shop in Golders Green, an area with one of the largest Jewish concentrations in London, is virtually fighting off the customers these past few weeks, who are all stocking up on kosher meat due to a serious shortage.

All fingers are pointing towards McDonalds.

For years the UK division of the popular fast food chain has maintained a policy which bans kosher or halal meat claiming the religious slaughtering methods cause great suffering to animals.

However, two months ago it was revealed that in some of its UK branches McDonalds was serving meat that has been slaughtered according to the Muslim tradition. The chain explained it was a mistake and issued an order requiring its suppliers to provide its braches with meat that has not undergone any “kosher” method of slaughtering.

As a result, beef manufacturer Slaney Foods announced it was no longer producing kosher meat, which in turn resulted in a serious shortage.

Slaney Foods’ production manager said Wednesday that their decision stemmed from public criticism over the issue of religious slaughtering methods.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. Whaaat? This story makes no sense! They started selling kosher meat at Mc donalds after deciding that their new decision to sell halal meat was flawed, just don’t understand could somebody clarify!

  2. News to Jews in England: you’re better off going vegetarian. You’ll lose weight and feel and look better. Drop the meat, people, you’ll never miss it. I’m a vegetarian during the week and it’s just great.

  3. just to clarify, there is no shortage of meat in th UK. Slaney, the main supplier of kosher beef to the UK market, did stop their supplies by request of MacDonalds but kosher butchers like my company have already found alternative supplies. so there is and never was a shortage. all uk (and even euroepan) customers have been supplied their orders in full and no store shelves were empty, at least in my company


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