Ukraine Bans Entry Of Foreigners, Blocking Visitors To Uman

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The Ukrainian government has issued a temporary ban Wednesday on the entry of foreigners into the country, set to go into effect ahead of the Rosh Hashannah holiday.

The ban comes ahead of the annual pilgrimage to the city of Uman, when tens of thousands of Jews, mostly Breslov Hasidim from Israel, converge on the burial place of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Ukraine is also reportedly planning to prevent any mass gatherings inside of Uman during the Rosh Hashannah holiday.

The entry ban is set to go in effect at the beginning of September and will last until September 28th.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Israel could take care of it for all – if they (Israel) wants. The Israeli travelers who want to go to Uman – and there are thousands – should just threaten them that they won’t vote for them and voila! it’ll work magic.

  2. It’s a חרפה ובושה that the only way they will be מקיים מצות ונשמרתם מאד לנפשתכם is by the enforcement of the Ukrainian Goyim. If not for them כלל ישראל would be in a serious סכנה ח”ו

    • How are they מקיים מצות ונשמרתם מאד לנפשתכם? If you’re referring to corona, you should know most people are very aware it’s all a scam. לא הי’ ולא נברא Coronavirus isn’t and never was. Very few people still belief there’s something to these covid lies, and sadly, you’re one of them. In fact, there are protests all over the world like never before; in Dublin, Ireland; in Germany and other countries and states in the US.

      This is from Canada
      Police State measures outlawed by Common Law Peoples’ Assembly as people empowered to resist

      In response to the increasingly repressive COVID regulations and the threat of mandatory vaccinations, a citizens’ Common Law Assembly on Canada’s west coast has passed a Bylaw that outlaws and nullifies all COVID restrictions, masking, distancing, medical testing and vaccinations. Anyone forcing these measures on the people of Parksville and Qualicum Beach can now face fines and

        • Prove you went to a yeshiva (or even high school) and was able to grasp a blatt gemara (or science, history and math).

          • Your post proves you are an illiterate. You write: ” … you went … and [you] WAS …” It’s not you was, but you were.
            Stop lecturing and putting down others !!!


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