Ukrainian President Proposed ‘Strikes in Russia’ in Push to Win War: Leaked Docs

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has proposed a series of brazen moves to help his country defeat Russia, including carrying out “strikes in Russia” and having troops move into “Russian border cities,” according to leaked documents detailed by The Washington Post. The documents, part of the leak of classified U.S. materials on Discord, recount internal communications Zelensky had with his staffers and military officials in January and February. The Pentagon has not disputed that the documents are authentic, according to the Post.

While at times he called for restraint in the discussions, at other times he suggested more aggressive strategies to gain leverage in the war. One document reportedly notes that he proposed “that Ukraine attack unspecified deployment locations in Rostov”; in another he reportedly floated the idea that Ukraine could “blow up” the Druzhba pipeline supplying Hungary with oil. Zelensky, asked if he had indeed considered occupying parts of Russia, told the Post the ideas noted by U.S. intelligence were just “fantasies.” Read more. 


  1. I agree with him. The United States must continue to give the Ukrainian oligarchs billions of US tax dollars every month. Ukraine is more important to the US taxpayer than the US itself. Whatever is leftover must be given to the illegal migrants who are breaking the law.

    • The same media that lied to you about covid “virus”, about the “safe and effective” “vaccine”, the “war” in Ukraine, lied to you about giving money to Ukraine.

  2. Wish this war was over. Zelenski should make me more ill than I am but being under attack requires some soeep loss. Fully rested, I think Zelenski is a werewolf.


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