Umalah Haaretz To’eivah: Same Gender Marriage Legal in NY Starting Today

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vaad-toeivahToday, same-gender marriage has become entirely legal in the state of New York. Clerks’ offices in cities and towns across New York State will be open for permission for same-gender couples to enter into “marriages” equal in the state’s eyes to those of male-female couples.

New York is now the sixth and largest state in the nation to recognize same-gender marriages.

To make matters worse, the state’s I Love NY tourism arm has launched a campaign to draw same-gender couples to New York by promoting wedding and honeymoon packages.

In New York City, 823 couples entered a lottery set up by the city to ensure that clerk’s offices would not be “overwhelmed” (sic) by same-gender people wanting to get married. Although the city initially set the limit at 764, all of the 823 couples will be “accommodated.”

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  1. I think all frum people with torah values should stop getting so called marriage license its a disgrace to have one.

  2. To those fools that claim that it doesn’t affect Jews –

    Do you agree that the lack of tznius in the streets, especially in the summer, is a problem, or perhaps you say that it doesn’t affect us either?

    If you agree that lack of tznius is a problem, how can you say that this is not a problem as well?

    Does air pollution affect you? How? Can you see it?

    This is like spiritual air pollution and toxic fumes.

    Just because you haven’t been directly attacked physically so far, doesn’t mean there is no danger.

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  4. in order to understand how this type of disgusting thing affects every single living thing, check out the medrash rabba parshas berishis perek cof vov seif heih!!

  5. There is a pro-marriage (between man & woman…gevalt that I even have to say this!) happening today at 3pm in front of Andrew Cuomo’s NY office at 633 3rd Avenue. I plan to go. I hope also op to go as it is our responsibility as citizen of the state and most of all as Jews.


  6. this is the wake-up message from Hashem that its time for ALL YIDDEN-not only from NY-to start moving to Eretz yisroel & making aliya. Hence showing Hashem that now-during the 3 weeks-we are not just in mourning for the bais Hamikdosh-we are yearning for it also & showing Hashem by making aliyah to Eretz Yisroel.

    Hence we have 2 choices left from Hashem 1)we can make aliya out of our LOVE FOR HASHEM or 2)we can be forced by Hashem to leave this medina shel chesed-that is now ruled by bnei yishmael i.e. moslem & the last ones to rule us before mashiach comes-& have nowhere else to go but Eretz Yisroel C”V


  7. There should be a commotion in the streets and in the shuls and batei medrashim just like there was all last week with this sickening news.

  8. Prior to seeing #9s column above, I would have thought that the issue is what takes place before and after the so-called marriage. But now that he has reminded me of the ????, I am truly troubled. Our problems don’t start and end with this so-called marriage -it’s the 60 years of banging into everyone’s head that this is a legitimate lifestyle that has brought us to this place. I am not sure what we can do about. On a positive note only 800+ people signed up for this. There were no lines like when the Iphone came out.

  9. Has anyone noticed that majority of the marriages which took place today were among Jews? Does anybody have an explanation for why a disproportionate percentage of these couples are Jewish?

  10. #4 #5, this doe not affect Jews at all?!?! Seriously what cocoon did you just crack out of?!?
    Imagine you are a Photographer and you are invited to take pictures at a wedding of one of these ‘couples’ you are going to have to go and do it!
    Or you own a wedding hall and someone wants to have a wedding at your hall…..
    Or the child of one of these ‘enlightened Jewish couples’ applies to the school where you send your children, you HAVE to accept them, you have no choice!
    Or their child would like to play with your’s, if you stop them or look down on them playing with your child-lawsuit!!!!!
    How can you say that this does not affect us at all?! Silly Silly

  11. 8. Comment from dovid2
    Time July 24, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    This medinah shel chesed is going down the drain.


    Well, you know where to move to: Medinat Yisrael.

  12. “and to top it all off, they’re getting married during the 3 weeks.”

    Since when have Gentiles been obliged to observe the Three Weeks?

  13. This is truly a sad day, Hashems is very angry with us as we see all news each day getting worse. We must Daven that Hashem should bring Mishach so HIS HONOR should be restored.

  14. Like I said before…this is a repeat of history! Entire societies colapsed because of this inmoral behavior.

    We are as jews the last line of defence.
    To us was entrusted the Toirah Hakedoishah and must protest with all our power and capasity this rebelion. Do you think they mean marriage?
    They mean to take us and our children with them!!!! Hashem Yirachem!!!

  15. I heard a suggestion from a prominent Rabbi that when we say the brocha of velamalshinim three times a day we should have in mind these sick people and their supporters


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