UN Agency: Iran Violating All Restrictions of Nuclear Deal

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In a confidential document distributed to member countries, the International Atomic Energy Agency reports that Iran has continued to increase its stockpiles of enriched uranium and remains in violation of its deal with world powers.

As of May 20, Iran’s total stockpile of low-enriched uranium amounted to 1.73 tons, up from 1.1 tons on Feb. 19. According to the Arms Control Association in Washington, Iran would need 1.16 tons of low-enriched uranium (under 5% purity) to make a nuclear weapon.

The 2015 nuclear deal allows Iran to keep a stockpile of only 447 pounds. The IAEA reported that Iran has also been continuing to enrich uranium to a purity of up to 4.5%, higher than the 3.67% allowed under the deal. Iran is also above the pact’s limitations on heavy water.

The IAEA raised concerns about access to two of three locations it identified in March as places where Iran possibly stored and/or used undeclared nuclear material or undertook nuclear-related activities without declaring them to international observers. It said Iran has, for more than four months, blocked access to the two locations. At one site, the agency observed activities “consistent with efforts to sanitize” the facility from July 2019 onward.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu told the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday: “The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) determined that Iran had refused to allow IAEA inspectors access to clandestine sites at which Iran had carried out secret military nuclear activity. Iran has systematically violated its commitments by hiding sites and enriching fissionable material, and has committed other violations. I believe that the time has come…in the light of these revelations, for the international community to join the U.S. and reimpose paralyzing sanctions on Iran.”

“The coronavirus has not lessened by one iota our determination to act against Iran’s aggression. I reiterate: Israel will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons and will continue to act methodically against Iran’s attempts to militarily entrench on our borders.”

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