UN Chief Urges Israel ‘Restraint’ Over Palestinian Bid

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ban-ki-moonUN leader Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday urged Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to act with “restraint” and “wisdom” over the Palestinian bid for full state membership of the United Nations.

Israel has angrily rejected the Palestinian campaign, threatening unspecified diplomatic reprisals. “The secretary general urged the prime minister to act with responsibility, wisdom and restraint towards the Palestinian approach to the United Nations,” said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Moshiach Is on the way don’t you see it sleeping yidden? stop with all the materialism nonsense. Do yeshiva before it’s too late! Don’t you see all the things that are happening? Cmmon just leave all the materialism avoda zara and return to Hashem.

  2. Now why doesn’t the hotdog ask the palestinian to:” act with responsibility, wisdom and restraint” towards the Israelis?
    Oh, I forgot – the Israelis are Jews. Sorry

  3. Don’t you worry Bonky! I am confdent that Mr. Netanyahu will act with great wisdom in dealing with these animals. It is good he is PM now and not Barak or Olmert!

  4. You have to give YOUR approval to a letter from Abbas in the name of BOTH the ‘West Bank’ AND GAZA stating that they are seeking membership of the UN as a ‘peace loving’ nation. Without even going into how Abbas can even claim to speak in the name of Gaza, how can YOU Ban accept such a ridiculous claim in the name of a territory ruled by an organisation committed to a UN member’s annihilation with a straight face, LET ALONE WITH RESPONSIBILITY, WISDOM OR RESTRAINT???

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