UN Envoy Slams Macron For Calling Oct. 7 Massacre ‘Antisemitic’

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Francesca Albanese, the United Nations special rapporteur on the “occupied Palestinian territories,” justified the slaughter of Jews on Oct. 7 in a tweet yesterday by blaming it on Israeli “oppression.”

Responding to French President Emmanuel Macron’s comment at an elaborate ceremony on Wednesday honoring the 42 French-Israelis murdered on Oct. 7, where he referred to the Hamas invasion as “the greatest antisemitic massacre of our century,” Albanese tweeted:

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz on Sunday rebuked Albanese for her comments, calling them “deeply troubling,” and demanded her dismissal.

“I call on Secretary-General Guterres to fire @FranceskAlbs immediately. The time of Jewish silence in the face of such misrepresentations has passed. We must stand strong and vocal against such narratives,” Katz tweeted.

When JNS asked Albanese in December whether she thought Hamas was justified in invading Israel and killing Israeli security personnel, she said, “Why is this so unbelievable? You seem to be puzzled by this. What is the right to resist?”

She also accused Israel and American evangelical Christians of weaponizing antisemitism to silence her and other critics of Israel.

“Israel occupies the Palestinian territory illegally, continuing to colonize the land, to brutalize the people, to let its armed settlers go around and terrorize everyone,” Albanese told JNS. “The Palestinians have no recourse to justice, because the Israeli army is not there to protect the Palestinians. It is there to protect the settlers, who are illegal.” JNS


  1. Francesca Albanese ימח שמה וזכרונה needs to immediately be deported from USA for life, and if UN refuses to work without her, then entire UN must immediately be expelled from NYC & USA {Even with her, all USA would be way better off without the UN}

  2. What a piece of excrement. There is no excuse (even “resistance”, in their view) to kidnap, rape and murder anyone, especially innocent civilians.


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