UN, EU Help Palestinians Build ICC Suit Against Israel

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The United Nations and the European Union are helping the Palestinian Authority build its global advocacy campaign against the Jewish state, including its filing of “war crimes” complaints about Israel before the International Criminal Court, reports the Conference of Presidents’ Daily Alert.

According to the details of a $2.1 million empowerment plan for Palestinian women, which were unveiled in Ramallah, more than half of that sum – $1.3m. – would be spent on international activities to fight Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank. The plan was prepared by an EU grant issued by the “EU Peace-building Initiative.”

The UN is now preparing to help the Palestinians with a fund-raising campaign among donor countries to raise the $2.1 million supposedly needed for women’s empowerment, which would actually amount to $800,000 after $1.3 million is deducted by the PA.

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