UN Head: Be More Tolerant to Muslims


ban-ki-moonUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday called on the citizens of Europe to show more tolerance toward immigrants and warned against politicians who play on people’s fears and target┬áMuslims in pursue of their personal interests.

Addressing the European Parliament in Strasburg, Ban warned of a dangerous new trend that was emerging – politicians who play on the public’s fear and accuse immigrants of violating European values, although in many cases they are the ones who distort these values and the essence of the European citizen as a result.

Ban warned that the darkest chapters in European history began with similar language, and stressed that Europe and the world cannot afford to turn a blind eye to stereotypes and hatred that is ethnically based.

The UN chief added that Europe’s biggest challenge in the 21st century is the challenge of domestic tolerance, noting that immigrants suffer from unemployment, discrimination, and disproportional inequality of opportunity in education and the job market.

The question of Europe’s identity has been rigorously debated due to the flood of immigrants the continent has been facing in recent years.

Last week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stirred a row when she declared Germany’s multiculturalism model of integration has failed, adding that immigrants should be demanded to learn the German language and assimilate into society.

A poll published last week in Germany indicated that 58% of the public believed that the practice of Islam should be substantially limited in the country, while more than half of the respondents said they could sympathize with the claim that Arabs arouse unpleasant sentiments.

The debate has also swept France, after the National Assembly approved an amendment the country’s citizenship act, which enables France to revoke an immigrant’s citizenship if he is convicted of assaulting a public servant – an act which was previously limited to extreme offences such as involvement in terror activities.

{AFP/Agence Grenche/Matzav.com}


  1. Although I am usually the last to “fargin” anything to the Germans or the French, I hate to admit that they hit the nail on the head this time.

    The one who has completely missed the nail is Mr. Moonhead from the UN (no surprise here). He fails – or refuses – to recognize that when time and time again acts of terrorism and barbarism are carried out by the same ethnic group, there is nothing wrong with taking precautions against allowing that group to flourish within one’s borders.

    Although I must say that I have no clue as to how one is supposed to force an immigrant to assimilate into a host society. And even if it is possible, that is not necessarily a safety bar against terrorism, I am sure that there is no dirth of terrorists worth their salt who would have no problem integrating on the outside yet maintaining their murderous beliefs.

  2. I have a question for you Mr Moonhead of the UN. Are arabs tolerant to other peoples. The answer is a big fat “NO”. So why ask of other countries to be tolerant to them? People are going to say, that is harsh coming from a JEW! Well, we Jews living in other countries DO NOT WANT TO TAKE OVER THE HOST COUNTRY. Jews are persecuted for being a Jew. Jews don’t go around blowing themselves up killing innocent people. Jews do not hijack airplanes to crash into buildings. If the shoe fits, where it. What are millions of arabs doing in other countries, when arab countries have trillions of Petro Dollars. Le’Havdeil, 1/2 thumb to Germany.


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