U.N.: Sea Levels Rising 60% Faster

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 seaSea levels are rising faster than previously predicted, according to a new U.N. study released Wednesday. The U.N. team found that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s estimate that sea levels would rise by about two millimeters a year was “biased low.”

The group, which presented its findings in a peer-reviewed study, found that sea levels are actually rising by 3.2 millimeters a year-or 60 percent faster than previously expected. The rising sea levels are expected to worsen flooding and storm surges in coastal areas, especially when storms like Hurricane Sandy make landfall. Read more at NBCNews.com.

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  1. “especially when storms like Hurricane Sandy make landfall.”\

    Excuse me. Was this a usual occurrence – where three huge storms all came from different directions and mixed into one? Please

  2. lets do teshuva now & remove dishonesty & corruption from our lives so we don’t need another Tragic reminder from Hashem chas v’shalom, like in the days of the mabul (caused by these actions)


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