UN Warns Trump Not to Abandon Two-State Solution

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The UN chief has warned Donald Trump against abandoning the idea of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying there is “no alternative,” BBC reports.

It comes after Trump went against decades of US policy, saying he would back whatever formula led to peace. Palestinians reacted with alarm to the possibility that the US could drop support for Palestinian statehood.

Speaking alongside Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Wednesday, Trump promised to deliver a “great” peace deal. But he said both sides must compromise. “So I’m looking at two states and one state,” he said. “And I like the one that both parties like.”

Following the news conference, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged the international community to do everything it could to bring about a two-state solution.
He said there was no other option for resolving the conflict.

A “two-state solution” is the shorthand for a final settlement that would see the creation of an independent state of Palestine within pre-1967 ceasefire lines in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Read more at BBC.



  1. Mr. Gutierrez :
    Two state solution will NOT WORK , unless Palestinians first and foremost recognize Israel as the JEWISH state ; and they stop with their ingraining in their young (future generations) to terrorize and go on Shiad!!!!
    If these two prequesites are adhered to , and ONLY then can the two state solution have a CHANCE for success!!!!!.

  2. My favorite quote of the day: ‘Palestinians
    reacted with alarm to the
    possibility that the US
    could drop support for
    Palestinian statehood.’
    Yep, get with the program, theres a new sherrif in town. Another word from those filthy antisemites in the un and we evict them out of manhattan and set up their building inside a terror training camp. Let them experience first hand how much these poor people are suffering…


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