Under US Pressure, Israel Delays Move To Expand Yerushalayim

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Under pressure from the United States, Israel has delayed a bill that would connect a number of settlements to Yerushalayim, officials said Sunday. 

The bill aims to solidify the city’s Jewish majority, but stops short of formal annexation, making the practical implications unclear. The bill says the communities would be considered “daughter municipalities” of Yerushalayim. Read more at ABC News.



  1. What’s the chidush? It’s the norm. The PM promises to build and expand and then the self-appointed judges in the so-called High Court, or the US or UN blocks it.

  2. While the bill allegedly aims to solidify the city’s Jewish majority, I see it as a more sinister ploy to limit the power of the religious voters in Jerusalem, by diluting their electoral strength in a bigger pool of non-religious voters.

  3. I see Israel, the banana republic of United States is taking orders again. Most of the world is falling apart but if Israel builds a house the world that we know will not exist??? Stupid Israel has to announce every house it builds which makes no sense unless they are doing it to cause craziness, for if they built houses in silence no one would know and the craziness would end. Waiting for the real Israel to stand up.


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