Unemployed Dad With Face Tattoo Rejects 45 Job Offers

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A teen dad with “DEVAST8” tattooed across half his face has turned down 45 job offers as he is “waiting for the right one to come along” – after his desperate work plea went viral.

New Zealander Mark Cropp, 19, went on social media to beg someone to give him a break and let him prove he can be responsible and hold down a full-time job after leaving prison.

Within hours he revealed he had been deluged with job opportunities and admitted he “stopped counting” when the number of offers reached 45.

But he told the Daily Mail Australia he still hasn’t “done a day’s work” claiming he is “just waiting for the right one to come about”. Read more at Fox News.



  1. Dear Matzav, this is called inappropriate news. Let’s not forget our goals and who we are! Who’s going to be our “Pinchos”!?!? 😉 Please remove this. Thanks!

    • Matzav is doing a great service to our community. By displaying various goyishe minhagim and other stupid actions, we see what not to do. i.e. Don’t be stupid like the guy in the story. Don’t vote for Democrats. Etc.

    • so we can tell the Ribonoi-Shel-Oilom “ראו מה בין בני ובן חמי” THAT”S why it’s important…


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