Ungrateful Turkey: Israel Earthquake Aid Won’t Ease Diplomatic Tension


turkey-fm-ahmet-davutogluIsraeli aid sent to Turkey in wake of a massive earthquake that struck the country will not alleviate tense ties between the two countries, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu indicated on today.

On Tuesday, Turkey accepted aid from Israel for the first time since the 7.2 earthquake struck the country’s east, after rejecting several offers by top Israeli officials.

The first Israeli aid convoy that includes seven portable structures, departed Wednesday afternoon from Israel to the eastern Turkish area affected by the quake.

The structures are meant to provide refuge to survivors who lost their homes in the natural disaster.

The aid agreement comes as a rare positive moment in an otherwise stressed Israel-Turkey relationship, one that has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in recent months over Israel’s 2010 raid of a Turkish Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

Last month, Turkey downgraded its diplomatic relations with Israel following Jerusalem’s refusal to apologize for the incident.

However, speaking to Turkey’s Today’s Zaman newspaper on Thursday, the Turkish FM indicated that Ankara’s acceptance of Israeli aid did not signal an improvement in diplomatic ties, saying it would not change its “principled position.”

Speaking with his Jordanian counterpart, Davuto─člu was quoted by Today’s Zaman as saying that “political conditions remain,” referring to Turkey’s demand that Israel formally apologize for the 2010 raid, and that Israel lift its blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

The structures Israel has sent Turkey are meant to provide refuge to survivors who lost their homes in the natural disaster, with Jerusalem planning to send additional temporary structures in the coming days. Turkey, however, has refused to accept Israeli assistance in rescuing victims from the wreckage.

Turkish authorities delivered more tents after acknowledging initial problems in the distribution of aid for survivors of the 7.2-magnitude quake that shattered at least 2,200 buildings on Sunday.

{Haaretz/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Does not Pirkei Avos state look not to the reward of doing a mitzva, but instead to not receive a reward; to do the thing because it is the right thing to do?

    Or have we jettisoned even the FACADE of performing the mitzvot le’shaym shamayim; of performing the mitzvot l’shma.

    Have we become so stiff necked that so soon after a month of chagim, we have no trouble trumpeting our kedusha, while standing in the mikveh holding a sheretz?!

    Politicians, egomaniacs, and Ishei S’don do good deeds for good press. Jews do good deeds because HKBH ** TELLS *** us to.

  2. As usual Eretz Yisroel receives a slap in the face from another Sonei Yisroel. When will we learn ? This should have been a kiddush Hashem. Instead Turkey was a kuffei Tova and showed absolutely no gratitude towards Eretz Yisroel.

  3. Dear Number 1 (anonymous)

    As far as I know there is no mitzvah to help Goyim Sonei Yisroel. If we would benefit some improvement in relations it would be worth it, but if not it’s stam a waste, and probably Lo Sichanaim

  4. To #3

    So in Medieval Europe (where they CERTAINLY hated us) we didn’t “heal their sick with our sick; bury their dead as we bury our dead”?

  5. It was not a waste! Amidst a world of political hogwash the Israelis demonstrated that human needs outweigh politics. Ultimately, when the dust settles, Turkey will also have to admit that this is so.

    If only the Israeli political system could learn to treat their own citizens properly as well…

  6. It’s in the nature of a jew to help out…aint nothing going to change that! We inhereted Avruhum Avinus genes…but I really wonder if we can suppress it for once and do the right thing naturally….because “be nice to your enemies, so that they won’t have what to hate you for” just doesn’t fly!!!!!

  7. to cooment number one are you espousing Daas Torah or just mindless politicaly correct modern feel good touchy contemporary political slogans and if that is the case why are you QUATING Pirkai Avos there is no need to mix the your modern comtemporary views and feelings you picked up on the streets of paris or times square into Pirkai Avos

  8. There are a more wealthy countries who have a loving relationship with their Muslim brother Turkey. Let them be forthcoming with aid to them. Turkey has treated Israel abominably and has turned its people against Israel. If Israel has the means to help, there are many needy Israelis to recieve the bounty.


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