United Airlines Cancels Flights To Tel Aviv Through May 2 On Security Concerns

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United Airlines has made the decision to suspend its daily flight from Newark, New Jersey to Tel Aviv in Israel until May 2, citing security concerns following Israel’s reported strike on Iran.

The airline has also canceled its planned second flight from Newark to Tel Aviv until May 18.

Lufthansa of Germany has followed suit, halting all flights to Tel Aviv and Erbil and opting to reroute flights to avoid Iraqi airspace during this period.

Sources indicate that Israel initiated an attack on Iran on Friday, though Tehran downplayed the event and signaled its lack of intent for retaliation, a strategic move seemingly aimed at preventing a broader conflict in the region. This escalation underscores the delicate balance of power and the potential ramifications of military actions in the Middle East.

United’s latest decision builds upon its earlier announcement this week, when it called off Monday’s scheduled flight. The ongoing tensions in the region have posed significant challenges for airlines, with Iran’s recent missile and drone attacks on Israel further limiting flight options for carriers navigating between Europe and Asia.

Having resumed its daily non-stop service between New York and Tel Aviv on March 2, United took the lead among major carriers in restoring connectivity to the region. Delta Air Lines is set to follow suit, with plans to recommence flights to Tel Aviv on June 7, indicating cautious optimism regarding the stabilization of the situation in the area.




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