United Hatzalah Sued By Magen David Adom for $7 Million


Magen David Adom (MADA) is suing United Hatzalah for $7 million, claiming that United Hatzalah slandered the organization and three of its senior executives in the course of a fight to have its own call center and not rely on Magen David Adom’s emergency alerts.

United Hatzalah responded that the suit is part of MADA’s fight to retain a monopoly on saving lives, that it would not frighten the organization, and that the sum MADA is suing for showed that it is “a financially motivated and oppressive group making profit for years on the public’s back, and this time on the backs of 5,000 medical volunteers.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. It’s not that simple MDA is way more professional than UH and they can’t take responsibility for 18 year olds who are out there just for the fun of it, I’m not undermining UH they are an amazing organization but there’s a reason most UH volunteers have been rejected by MDA.

    • That’s not actually true. UH volunteers aren’t rejected by MDA, on the contrary, MDa often asks UH volunteers to leave UH and join MDA. MDA does reject people trained by UH from automatically becoming MDA volunteers and forces them to go through training all over again, even though it is the same course and the same license by the Health Ministry. It’s an ego thing, not a professionalism thing. Also UH doesn’t have 18-year-old volunteers. The minimum age requirement for becoming a UH volunteer is 21. There are a few minor exceptions for NREMT trained students. MDA, however, has volunteers who start as early as 14 or 15. In terms of professionalism, it depends on the volunteer themselves. I have experienced first hand a lack of professionalism and abilities by both UH volunteers and MDA volunteers, pretty much equally. They both have terrifically professional people and both have people who are not professional at all. The lawsuit is about power. I’ve read it. It has to do with MDA wanting to control all of the information and thereby all of the money involved in providing EMS service. Which is more than ridiculous seeing as MDA charges for all of their services and UH doesn’t charge at all. MDa prices range anywhere from 180 NIS for the simplest service of helping someone who has fallen get up, and upwards of thousands of NIS for out-of-city ambulance rides depending on location, time of the incident, and type of ambulance. The other claim of slander is regarding MDA response times for more information on that click here for a lawsuit that demands MDA reveal their response times in 2017. They complied and it was later publicized that in the majority of places around the country their average response time is over the 10-minute mark which is set by the Health Ministry as the time that ambulances should be on scene. Lawsuit – https://law.acri.org.il/he/39561 news story about ambulance response times – https://www.israelhayom.co.il/article/474997

  2. I have to say I agree…. United Hatzala has been operating with such propoganda.. As an outsider; I’m forever hearing comments and seeing clips against MADA. I do believe that in some way Mada needed the competition and it got it but in many ways improved a lot because of that. But Ichud Hatzalah hasn’t stopped slandering. They have a bunch of unemployed youths volunteering that have enough time to be on social media and make a matzav out of it and thats what happened.


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