United Nations Menorah Damaged

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The UN Menorah across from the United Nations in New York was found vandalized before lighting last night, NYPD is investigating.

The UN Menorah at the Isaiah Wall across from the United Nations in New York was found damaged by Rabbi Yakov Dovid Cohen, director of institute of Noahide Code UN NGO, as he came to light the menorah at around 4:30 P.M.

When Rabbi Cohen arrived on December 13, 2017 to light the Menorah, he found the Menorah damaged on all sides with one of the Menorah’s steel beams cracked.

The menorah was made by the Michael and Bonnie Berkowitz, the artists who also designed the Menorah at the 9/11 memorial at ground Zero. In fact, the damaged Menorah was in the shape of the twin towers.

Michael and Bonnie Berkowitz, the engineers of the Menorah examined the damage and believe that “due to the center steel beam being broken it is an act of vandalism.”

The Ukrainian ambassador, Mr Volodymyr Yelchenko and the Uruguayan ambassador, Mr Elbio Rosselli who came to light the Menorah for the second night of Chanukah witnessed the scene.

The Ukrainian ambassador, Mr Volodymyr Yelchenko, proclaiming his shock that “people can possibly do something like this in front of UN headquarters,” while the Uruguayan ambassador, Mr Elbio Rosselli, expressed his “sadness that at a time when they seek to light up the world full of darkness the menorah has been possibly vandalized.”

Police are treating the incident as an act of nature, believing the Menorah was damaged due to strong winds and are investigating an alleged eyewitness report who claimed that wind blew down the Menorah.

“Due to the fact that this took place outside UN headquarters, there is most likely footage of the incident,” Rabbi Cohen told COLlive. “We are waiting for footage of the incident to be released.”




  1. Who told them to put it there?

    Where does it say in Shulchan Aruch to make menoras for gentiles?

    We are in golus and we need to know our place here. The Lubavitchers pushing menoras where they don’t belong cause problems and they bear the blame for such fiascos!

  2. Yeh. They put one up on Ave. M and east 15th(in that little green right across from J2). Who gave them permission? Why are they foisting religion in the goyims face. Don’t we have separation of Church and State???


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