University of Texas Repudiates Ex-Professor Who Called for Israel to Be Bombed ‘Until the Sand Turns to Glass’

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A former adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Austin recently tweeted that Israel should be bombed “until the sand turns to glass.”

In the same Twitter thread, which has since been removed, Spencer Wells — whose describes himself as a “scientist,” “author” and “entrepreneur” — said, “I despise the Israelis. If you want to see the post-apocalyptic vision of what Apartheid in South Africa would have looked like in 2020, visit Israel.”

After the thread came to light, the University of Texas at Austin distanced itself from Wells, stating, “Spencer Wells is no longer a faculty or advisory council member at UT. He previously had a courtesy, unpaid appointment as a part-time adjunct that did not involve teaching. That ended in May and was not renewed. We do not have any association with the views held by Mr. Wells.”

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  1. Why that is allowed by law in our country yet when similar yet less incendiary comments are made about any other race especially people of color, all h breaks loose and charges of incitement are sought is beyond me. Could there be that there’s a double standard?

    • You look like those who complained because the jaywalking fine in Berlin was 1 Mark for Aryans (rarely enforced) and 300 Marks for Jews. You have been deluded you are American because of having a US passport, but that’s not the same thing as being an American, and if we forget, we get reminded. Countries and governments come and go, and certainly so do the posts on Twitter, we should ignore the non jews, we have enough to do and to think about.

  2. The same comments – by law – can be made about any race and country. However, if they are, there will be repercussions. Jews, OTOH, don’t riot or cut off heads [absent a Sanhedrin].


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