Unprecedented: Father Jailed For Son Refusing To Divorce Wife

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For the first time in history, an Israeli rabbinical court has sentenced a man to prison because his son will not grant his wife a get, Arutz Sheva reports.

The court ordered that a Jewish-American tycoon be sent to jail for 30 days in jail after his son refused to give his wife a get.  The ruling came after it was found that the father has discouraged his son from granting his wife a get for the past ten years.

The head of the Tel Aviv rabbinical courts, Rabbi Shlomo Shatsman, stated that “The complainant’s extended and brutal divorce case is one of the hardest agunot cases the rabbinical court system has had to deal with.”


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  1. What the headline says: “Father Jailed For Son Refusing To Divorce Wife”
    What the headline should say: “Father Jailed For Influencing Son To Withhold ‘Get’ From Abandoned Wife”

  2. What a horror.

    Israel is not a commodity of the batch of hate.

    This is striking to the simple and hardly simple to the wise.

    Scary. I wonder if this is not part of the shidduch crisis in of itself.

    Water is not more fierce.

    Watch this story a bit. Our people must be able to have their marriage rights.


  3. Jailed for encouraging a get denial?! Why not just do to the get denying ex husband as the RAMBAM says. The guy just needs a certain treatment to help discover his inner desire to do good.

  4. the unfortunate details of the story… according to reports; the couple came to israel for a visit and during that time the wife had something like a stroke and became handicapped… the husband then decided to divorce her and leave her struggling alone. Seems like according to the beis din this husband needs to shell out money for the divorce of this unfortunately suddenly sick woman and he refuses; the father being the money man doesn’t wanna continue supporting the woman.. there’s a reason why the beis din is saying it was by far one of the hardest most painful cases they’ve ever had before.. can you imagine a woman nebach suddenly becoming sick? and then her husband leaving her? and without a penny????? If this really is the story then it indeed is a sad story…

  5. What’s missing from this story is the reason why the husband is withholding the Get.

    Could it have something to do with the woman’s demands from the husband in order to “agree” to accept the Get? How about arrangements for the custody of the children? Does she seek to disenfranchise him of his rights to his children?

    I have no clue. But before we get all riled up, and mentally convict the husband and his family in the court of public opinion, let’s try to find out “The Rest of the Story”.

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