Unwilling to Fly Without Dog, Israeli Woman Purchases Entire Business Section on El Al Flight

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elalUnwilling to fly without her pooch by her side, an Israeli woman purchased the entire business section of an El Al flight from Paris to Israel. The woman identified as Rivka, told the Channel 10 television network this afternoon that she could not bear the thought of her eight-year-old boxer dog being placed in a cage in the cargo hold of the plane for the duration of the flight.

“He is my baby, and I asked El Al to rent out the business section and paid $32,000 to ensure my dog, Or (light in Hebrew), would be able to sit next to me for the entire flight,” she told the television.

Rivka said it is the first time the two have flown since 2006. In the past her pet suffered from severe anxiety after flying alone in the cargo section, she said. This time she decided to purchase the entire business section of the jetliner and enjoy the dog’s company for the four-hour flight from Paris to Israel.

{United Press International/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. if she would have this much rachmanus on klal yisroel her brothers and give 32,000 dollars to tzedakah she would be alot better off(even if she already did)

  2. I think her pooch needs to take one of those antidepressants that 27,000,000 Americans are taking- if the pooch has such severe anxiety.

    It’s actually an encouraging article- it comes to show that some people were not affected too terribly by this economy if they have such disposable incomes.

  3. hey lets not give her an eyin h’ORa!!! Imagine the flip side if she were to become poor we would be required by halacha to keep up her standard of living ….

  4. she’s more than a bissel meshuga. I bet she dresses her pooch in clothes, takes him to doggy spas, feeds delicacies etc. I wonder whose gilgul this dog is that he merits such a life.

  5. Perhaps this dog is all she has in this world. Maybe she has no husband, family, etc. She may be a very lonley person. Let’s all have a little rachmonus before making these judgemental comments.

  6. Shalom al yisrael (14), I wonder what you or others would write if this Rivka were a black-tichel clad, Meah Shearim woman.

  7. I wish rivka had donated this money to a rescue. i love my pugs and cats with all my heart and soul – I love them more than I have ever loved any human, but I can honor them more by contributing to rescues than by flying them in biz class.


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