Up to $1 Million Raised for Har Nof Families Will Be Matched

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har-nof-kedoshimDear Friends,

I am humbled by the incredible response to our initially ‘informal’ outreach in the aftermath of the terrible Har Nof tragedy. This campaign began with an email directed to my office staff and another assorted 20 people. BH, with your donations and spreading of the email, over $300,000 has been raised from over 2,000 donors in just 4 days.

I am humbled to be involved in a project where all participants have joined together, L’sheim Shemayim, in a unified manner to collectively help these families. I spoke to Rav Nissan Kaplan who put me in touch with Rabbi Rubin’s Gabbai. (Rabbi Rubin is the Rav of the Shul in Har Nof.) In a letter in English, posted earlier on Matzav.com, Rabbi Rubin endorses this campaign and confirm that all monies raised by Rav Kaplan and Rabbi Rubin will be jointly distributed.

After speaking with Rav Kaplan, I spoke to the organizers of www.helpharnof.com, currently advertised on Matzav.com. We will be working together as well. Please feel free to give through either my link or theirs, as they as well will be sending the funds directly to Rabbi Rubin. (The only question unresolved at this time is if the matching money pledged to Rav Kaplan will apply as well to the money raised through www.helpharnof.com. I hope to resolve this question shortly as well.)

Helpharnof.com itself has reached its initial goal of $120,000 and is now taking donations that can be matched until Shabbos.

To answer the most frequently asked questions:

  • All money raised by this Shabbos, up to $1mm, will be matched. Best to use the linkhttps://yof.wufoo.com/forms/xlckm600qgzabd/to ensure that your donation will be matched.
  • Money raised will reach all those injured in the Har Nof attack, not just to the Almanos and their families.
  • At this point, the family of the police officer does not want to take Tzedaka money from this fund. We speculate that a private donor stepped in already.
  • Many people are collecting in their community oramongtheir friends for specific families in Har Nof affected by the attack. That is fine. Monies donated through the above link can be earmarked for a specific family. But the ‘matching funds donors’ have pledged their matching portion of the funds to go to the general Keren.

Everyone is asked to please continue Davening for Chaim Yechiel Ben Malka; Eitan Ben Sara; Shmuel Yeruchem Ben Bayla; Avrohom Shmuel Ben Shaina; and Aryeh Ben Bracha.
May it be a zchus for all of us!


Ira Zlotowitz | President

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