Update from LSTA On Lakewood, NJ School Bussing

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1-      The process of bidding is coming to an end by this Monday. It has taken longer they we hoped for  and at that point every school will have been routed and bid on . This is then followed by vendor collaboration on routes ( meaning one vendor may have a morning and another may have a night run and thus more routes could we picked  up )

2-      Until vendor negotiation we have had to bid the mornings and night routes of the schools together  after the bidding process we can work on the one ways as well and hopefully collaborate

3-      There are lots of buses available at 445 pm  and some schools are maneuvering to work around that availability

4-      There are also a lot of buses available  for late night runs

5-      Numbers 3 and 4 can be worked on following all the bidding

6-      One past vendor will be joining vendor negations and iyh adding more buses to the equation

7-      We are working on other creative solutions like cluster stops in certain neighborhoods that have a lot of students from the same school   not yet picked up to  allow for a shorter route for the vendors  to fill up their availability and to enable transportation for more families

8-      We aren’t nearly finished in our efforts to get as many kids as possible on the buses.

9-      After we get this settled and well on the way I will need all  of your thoughts and ideas on how to solve the continuing challenge that we will face yearly  whether its Jackson and toms river , the tremendous growth bh  , and everything and anything else . So many of you have already sent in your ideas for a better future for our busing system .

10-   We are still very well aware of the frustrations and challenge that this endeavor is presently causing and that’s what’s  driving us to solve this to the best of our ability in the shortest amount of time.

11-    For a faster response email  info@lakewoodsta.org



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