Update from Yapchik After Fire Closes Store


The Yapchik takeout store and restaurant in Lakewood, NJ experienced a fire on Wednesday, August 28th. Due to the destruction it left behind, the store will be closed until further notice.

The following is an update from the store ownership:

What caused the fire?

Pending investigation we hope to find out the cause.

Was there any injuries?
Thanks to the One Above, everyone made it out on time.

When will you reopen?
We are working hard, to make it happen as soon as possible.

Are you covered by insurance?

Thanks to Hhashem, we are insured.

What did you do with all the food?
We had to throw out contaminated food. All salvageable food where/are being donated to the needy.

What will I do without YAPCHIK?
There are plenty of ok options out there, we will do our best to be back up and running for you.

Can I order from Uber Eats?
Unfortunately, our kitchen is not able to provide that.


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