UPDATE ON MONTICELLO KASHRUS SCANDAL: New York State Kashrus Inspector Investigates


Dear Matzav,

We would like to publicly thank Rav Yosef Wikler, editor-in-chief of the KASHRUS Magazine for all his help and for directing us to Rabbi Aaron Metzger, the New York State Kashrus inspector, who immediately took action and traveled on Wednesday, August 14, to investigate the 24-Hour Bistro restaurant located in World Resort Casino.

In the course of the investigation, Rabbi Metzger has had the kashrus certificate removed and prohibited the casino from displaying any signs indicating that kosher food is served on the premises.

All kosher signs in the casino have been removed and there is no kosher food served at the World Resort Casino.

HaRav Yisroel Pinchas Gornish, Rav Khal Chizuk Hadas


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