UPenn Professor Retires After Facing Backlash For Using Nazi Salute

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A professor at the University of Pennsylvania resigned this week after stirring a controversy by using a Nazi salute and expression during a virtual conference.

Robert Schuyler, an associate professor of anthropology and associate curator-in-charge of the historical archaeology section at the Penn Museum, retired on Monday, according to a statement from the university. The move came after the school canceled his scheduled courses for the spring semester amid a review.

Steven Fluharty, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, condemned the “abhorrent conduct.”

“Such behavior has no place in our academic discourse, which aims to celebrate the open exchange of ideas in an environment that promotes civility, respect, and inclusion,” Fluharty said. “Nazi symbols are antithetical to our values as an institution. The fact that this behavior comes during a period of deep social division in our nation, when too many others are invoking such symbols in their expressions of hate, makes this incident even more painful for our community.”

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  1. Robert did nothing wrong. He was applying his 1st ammendment rights. He is a close friend of the Jewish community and if you speak out against him in galus, you are making a chillul hashem.


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