Uri Davidi Chupa Medley – An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

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Presenting the next video from our chupa series. Featuring a beautiful and heartfelt medley by Uri Davidi, singing two of his own masterpieces: Shehechiyanu (from the new Muchanim album) which was composed by Yitzy Waldner and Birchas Ha’av (from the Halevai album) composed by Elie Schwalb. Uri is joined of course by a beautiful orchestra arranged and conducted by Yisroel Lamm.

Video was taken on June 23rd, 2019 at The Pearl River Hilton, at the Orbach & Bouaziz Wedding.

Production: Aaron Teitelbaum -The Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra
Music Arranged/Conducted : Yisroel Lamm
Vocals: Uri Davidi
Live Sound: SolveTech Sound
Live & Studios Mix Baba Z
Technical Production: Jay Kay/Joe B
Public Relations: Chad Kaminetsky
International Concierge: Shimon Halperin
Video Production: Motty Engel, Engel Studios

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  1. how come i seem to be the only one who is disturbed by the goyim who play at our weddings? the wods of the songs as well as the events are-or should be-holy

    • You’re right but you can make up before your children’s weddings not to have goyim playing or use different musicians if they refuse.

  2. At least one thing you know. With such a fancy wedding, the couple is guaranteed to have a blissful marriage living happily ever after. Wonderful.

  3. my children are all married BH and so are many of my grandchildren. they all had one-man bands which at least make as much as the ten man bands (which is its own problem). as we can note in many videos, there are very many talented frum musicians among us. and if not, we can refuse to include non-kosher participants the same way we refuse to serve lobsters in our cocktails

  4. I am disturbed when the food which we make a blessing on having Goyim serve them. Also, the dishwashers should preferably be Yidden instead of Goyim.
    After all, it is a Jewish wedding.


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