US Ambassador To Poland: Israel Should Apologize For Holocaust Remarks

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The U.S. Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher called on Israel to apologize to Poland for Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz’s comments regarding the Holocaust.

Mosbacher said Katz should apologize, responding that what he said “warrants an apology.”

Katz told Israel’s i24 news channel on Sunday, “I am the son of Holocaust survivors, we will never forgive and never forget, and there were many Poles who collaborated with the Nazis.”

Quoting former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Katz added that “Shamir said that every Pole sucked anti-Semitism with his mother’s milk. Nobody will tell us how to express our stance and how to honor the dead.”

The remarks were made after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the recent Warsaw summit on the Mideast that Poles cooperated with Nazis during the Holocaust, and that no one has been sued for asserting this truth, criticizing Poland’s Holocaust Law, which forbids accusing Poland of complicity with the Nazis under penalty of law.

Around 380,000 Polish Jews out of 3.3. million survived the Holocaust.




  1. “criticizing Poland’s Holocaust Law, which forbids accusing Poland of complicity with the Nazis under penalty of law.” What a joke. Typical case of the abuser blaming the victim.

    • ALL the vernichtungs lagers(extermination camps) such as maidanek,belzec,treblinka,chelmno,sobibor were in poland for germans knew that not only will poles ALLOW extermination of Jews to occur on their soil , but would actively ASSIST in this activity! HASHEM yinkom domom!

  2. These are all facts. The Poles were some of the most vicious Anti-Semites on this earth. Apologize for reminding them what their grandparents did to our people? Is it hurting the Polish “national pride”?

    • Yankel, When are Jews going to talk about all of the Jewish Nazi Collaborators and Soviet/Communist Collaborators? You Anti-Polish Jews are hypocrites.

    • Leave it to Jews to push Nazi German propaganda “Polish jokes”. Jews are so sick in the head….that they basically FORGAVE the Germans for murdering millions of Jews…..ONCE Jews found out about the Nazi German propaganda “subhuman intelligence” jokes against Poles. That’s why Jews pushed these Nazi German anti-Polish hate jokes in the US on their Jew controlled TV networks. Jews are disgusting hypocrites.


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