US Attorney General Levels Broadside on Voting by Mail


Attorney General William Barr delivered a broadside attack on mail-in voting Thursday, attacking the process used by many Americans — including the vast majority of Arizonans — as prone to undue influence and coercion.

The Republican also said that mail-in ballots impinge on the historic American tradition of the secret ballot, an attack refuted by Arizona and other states that allow widespread mail-in balloting.

Barr was in Phoenix to announce a crackdown on methamphetamine trafficking that netted $43 million in cash seizures, more than 28,000 pounds of the illicit stimulant, more than 1,800 arrests and the seizure of hundreds of guns. The operation targeted Mexican cartels that smuggled drugs to major U.S. cities and then distributed them nationwide.

But Barr spent the majority of his time answering questions unrelated to the drug busts and instead on the unrest around the nation tied to racial injustice, his department’s intervention in a private lawsuit accusing President Donald Trump of defamation and on mail-in voting.

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  1. This article is a disgrace. I don’t know who the editor is but he is missing something vital in what he wrote. There is a tremendous difference between “Universal Mail in Voting” and “Mail in /Absentee Ballot Voting.” What he describes as a system that “many Americans — including the vast majority of Arizonans” use is absentee voting. AG Barr has no problem with this system is was never against it. To get an absentee ballot you have to request it, provide an address where it should be sent, and in most cases it must be notarized. This system, while still prone to having ballots lost or missing, is not fraught with the possibility of fraud that he fears. Universal mail in voting is when the state sends a ballot to EVERY ADDRESS ON THE VOTING ROLES whether it was requested or not. As such, people can get multiple ballots to their home from the previous tenants, people can remove ballots from mailboxes and vote for them, or people can pay off and bribe a postman from a specific district to simply throw out the ballots. In addition, each universal ballot says on the back if the named recipient is a registered democrat or republican. Thus, the fraudsters can easily determine which ballots to steal or discard and which to leave alone. This is what he meant by “historic American tradition of the secret ballot.”

    To simply say that the AG is against mail in voting is missing the whole story. The likelihood of fraud and cheating by mail in the upcoming election has never been greater. Please don’t report stories while leaving out the most important information.


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