U.S. Census: New York City Has Nation’s 3 Longest Work Commutes


nyc-subway-trainLooking for a shorter commute, New Yorkers? There’s always King County, Texas. The southwest county boasts the shortest average work trip in the country: just 3.4 minutes, a batch of new U.S. Census Bureau┬ánumbers released Tuesday shows.

That’s barely enough time for a New Yorker to swipe a MetroCard and and stand on the subway platform.

The three average longest commutes in the mainland U.S. are all within the five boroughs: Staten Island is first at 42.5 minutes, followed by Queens and Brooklyn.

The national commuting average was 25.2 minutes per day.

The estimates come from the Census Bureau’s five-year American Community Survey, conducted between 2005-09. The survey contained more than 11 billion pieces of information, county-by-county for every state in the nation.

The numbers also indicated:

* America has become more integrated in the last year than any time in at least 100 years, with segregation among blacks and whites falling in about 75% of the 100 largest metropolitan areas.

* The section with the lowest percentage of college graduates: Owsley County, Ky., at 4.6%.

* The highest rate of college grads: Falls Church, Va., at 69.5%.

* Three New Jersey counties had poverty rates below 5%: Hunterdon, Morris and Somerset.

* There are five counties with poverty rates above 39%, and four include American Indian reservations: One in North Dakota, three in South Dakota.

* The lowest median home price is in Reeves, Texas, at $29,400. The highest included Nantucket, Mass., at about $1 million.

* The most high school grads were in Hinsdale County, Colo., and Los Alamos County, N.M., both at 98.7%. The least: Starr County, Texas, at 46.5%.

* Starr also the county with the highest percent of people speaking Spanish at home, with 95.9%. In the entire state of Maine, there was not a single county with more than 2% Spanish speakers.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com}


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