US Conducts Airstrikes In Syria After Iranian Drone Kills US Contractor, Wounds 5 Service Members

U.S. Army photo by Spc. XaViera Masline
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The US conducted airstrikes in Syria Thursday against facilities affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard after a US contractor was killed and five service members injured in an Iranian drone attack, according to the Pentagon. The Iranian assault targeted a coalition base housing American personnel near Hasakah in northeast Syria, officials said. A second US contractor was also injured.

The US military responded to the deadly assault with airstrikes against targets in Syria used by militants affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said in a statement Thursday.

“The airstrikes were conducted in response to today’s attack as well as a series of recent attacks against Coalition forces in Syria by groups affiliated with the IRGC,” he added. The Pentagon says the airstrikes were “proportionate” and carried out in a manner intended to “limit the risk of escalation and minimize casualties.” (NY Post)


  1. Whatever happened to showing restraint? Isn’t that America’s belief? I mean at least that’s what they tell Israel when Israel conducts air strikes in response to attacks on its citizens?

  2. So lemme get this straight!
    When an American get hit on foreign soul – most notably enemy soil – America feels the need to retaliate yet when an American gets hit in an allies country, we tell THAT government to use restraint and not to retaliate!
    Refuah Sh’laima to David Stern.

    • No. You don’t have it straight.

      The Zionists are interlopers and identity thieves of the Jewish people and their name and have shmaded and continued to shmad Jews the world over. The Zionists have no business being in Eretz Yisrael (and not anywhere else, for that matter) – that’s for Jews, not Zionists. So, yes, the Zionists need to show “restraint” when the gentiles tell them to do so because that’s what happens when you (the Zionists) pretend to be a (gentile) nation when you’re really just a thug-ocracy.

      But, when a normal gentile nation gets hit in a foreign territory, then, yes, they might try to hit back.

      Your wishes to Mr. Stern are, of course, perfectly valid, regardless.

  3. We strongly urge ALL sides to show restraint and stop this cycle of violence. This repetitive cycle threatens peace the world over. We encourage all parties to come together and engage in serious negotiations, with the aim of peaceful coexistence.
    We believe in the virtues of democracy and dialogue and we strongly disagree with the use of any kind of force whatsoever. Especially when the use of force is disproportionate. We cannot stress enough the idea of fighting (of course only as a last resort) fairly , where all sides have the same types and sizes of arms.
    And besides all the above, we cannot definitively define who is a terrorist and who is not, as we are not privy to their innermost thoughts – many of them may not even identify as terrorists.
    Once again, Please, please don’t fight!


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