US Gave $1.7 Billion To Iran As Hostages Were Released, Four Times Original Amount

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CIRCA reports: The Obama administration disclosed to Congress today that it transferred a total of $1.7 billion in cash through Swiss banks to Iran around the time American hostages were released this year, about four times the amount originally disclosed to the public, sources told Circa.

The news was delivered by the State, Defense and Treasury Departments in a private briefing to congressional staff who went into the meeting thinking they were learning more detail about the $400 million in payments originally reported in the news media.

A source directly familiar with the briefing, who spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to reporters, said the money was sent to Iran via Swiss banks on three dates; Jan, 17, Jan. 19 and Jan. 22.

The payments coincided with the release of a handful of American prisoners from Iran, including a Washington Post reporter.

“The cash payments were four times what has been disclosed and they went through Swiss banks on their way to the Iranians.”

The U.S. officials who briefed congressional staff suggested the payments were all made in cash because Iran was desperate for foreign currency after years of Western sanctions, according to one source.

“They said the payments needed to be viewed in the political context. First the Iranian nuclear deal was going through, second the Iranian economy was in a difficult state and third the Iranians were in need of foreign currency,” one source said.

The Obama administration originally denied the $400 million payment disclosed earlier this summer had anything to do with the hostages, even though it was delivered by plane the same day as their release.But as pressure mounted for an explanation, the State Department reversed course last month and admitted the payment was timed as “leverage” to get the hostages out of Iran.The briefing Tuesday was to staff of the House national security committee plus House

The $1.7 billion total involved $400 million in long-disputed cash that were frozen in a trust fund years ago and $1.3 billion in interest payments, according to one source.

While the total mount the U.S. might eventually pay was generally known, the fact that all of it was paid around the release of the hostages and in cash moved through Swiss banks surprised congressional staff, the source said.



  1. President Obama is planning soon to violate his sworn oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” He is attempting to use the United Nations to tie America’s hands on the most vital element of our national security, our nuclear deterrent. The issue concerns the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). This treaty, which would permanently outlaw the testing of nuclear weapons, was signed by President Clinton in 1996. The United States Senate, however, decisively defeated its ratification in 1999. The strong arguments that prevented ratification then still apply, augmented by new ones. Despite eight years of trying, Obama has not resubmitted the CTBT to the Senate …

    • You have a direct line to the White House? If you don’t. please prove all (or even one) of your assertions..

      Actually, the US has deliberately not signed the CTBT, in order to protect Israel (figure that one out yourself).

      BTW, I am not a fan of President Obama. I am a fan of the truth.

    • Why should he care? He’s leaving office soon, rich as Korach, and then he’ll either go off to some peaceful country, or stay local, with heavy security 24/7. With friends like this, who needs enemies?


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