US Hits 10,000 Coronavirus Deaths


The coronavirus death toll has passed 10,000 in the United States, according to a Johns Hopkins University tracker, a grim new milestone as officials fight to contain the pandemic.

The speed of the U.S. death count from COVID-19 is increasing. Within the course of a week, fatalities went from 500 a day to reaching more than 1,000 per day.

The United States now has by far the most known cases of any country in the world, and is among the highest for number of deaths, along with Italy and Spain, which have both been hit hard by the virus as well.

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  1. It goes without saying that this is horrendously of horrendously horrible, and we certainly deeply mourn for this tragic calamity. A major part of our pain and anguish must be having horror and revulsion at the severely, severely evil people who HAVE BROUGHT US up to and over this terrible-ten-thousand-death-number. For as very awful as this Coronavirus/Covid-19 is, there most certainly are and have been all along many good effective treatments which could have sharply cut down the number of injuries and deaths and, Im Yirtza Hasem, right now, at this late hour, can still massively reduce the severity of this crises and help bring an end to the totally destructive lockdowns of our communities and whole country.

    Yet these vicious fiends, in their numerous positions of wide influence and governmental power, have been quite successful in largely blocking knowledge of these cures and stopping their implementations. So, the blood of very many of these over-ten-thousand-deaths is most definitely on their vile hands.

    Therefore, please see the comprehensive news analysis in the essay titled: “Dr. Anthony Fauci is continuing Obama’s mission to cripple America and turn it into a vaccine police state” at the NaturalNews (dot) com website. In it, the author writes a stinging blistering condemnation of one of these wicked guys, Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci, “director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,” and “one of the lead members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force” (Wikipedia). The author elaborates on Dr. Fauci’s goals and shows that, Rachmana Litzlan, the implementation of his plans would bring much more death and the complete ruination of our country.

    Therefore, as we cry and beg HaKadosh Boruch Hu to save us from this Gezeira Ra, we are asking to be saved not only from the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Machla itself; rather, we are also equally asking to be saved from the many people who have been manipulating the situation into the massive destruction that it is.

  2. With most hospitals in the US empty and very few sick people with the coronavirus flu/pneumonia dying, President Trump is doing a good job coranavirusing, aka eradicating, the deep state criminals.


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