US Hits 350,000 COVID-19 Deaths

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More than 350,000 people have died of the coronavirus in the U.S., with another surge of cases and deaths expected in the coming weeks as a result of smaller holiday gatherings.

The country reached the grim milestone early Sunday morning, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. More than 20 million people have been infected since the pandemic began nearly one year ago, according to the tally.

Public health experts attributed a nationwide spike in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in early December to a large number of Americans traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, and pleaded with citizens to stay home for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Multiple states have reported a record number of cases, including North Carolina and Arizona, according to the Associated Press. New York hit 1 millions cases total as of Saturday, becoming the fourth state to do so along with Texas, Florida and California.

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    Yes, a small number of people may have died from the Covid-19 virus, but the vast majority of these 350,000 deaths, probably well over 95% of them, were from countless other disease causes. There are numerous witnesses, including many medical center staff personal, who repeatedly saw countless instances of patients who came in with obviously-unrelated-to-covid-problems, like, for example, a broken arm or a cut on the leg, and yet were labeled as “Covid,” and their subsequent deaths were marked as “Covid.” The Government/Medicare setups GREATLY encouraged these outright fabrications, for the hospitals received big $$$$ for every Covid case and very, very, very big $$$$$ for every Covid death.

    Furthermore, in those few thousand instances where people did actually die from Covid-19, an extremely large number of those tragic deaths could have been easily avoided if the physicians caring for them would have known about AND WOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO PROPERLY TREAT THEM with Hydroxychloroquine and Vitamin C and Vitamin D and several other good Natural Healing remedies.

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    The only reason they keep fabricating these horrendous fabrications is to continue to try to scare us all into going along with even more of these totally worthless, massively destructive Lockdowns and to now accept their severely dangerous deadly new Covid vaccines.


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