US Intelligence Chief: Spy Agencies Do Not Know Exactly When COVID-19 First Transmitted

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Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said Wednesday that U.S. intelligence agencies do not know exactly when or how COVID-19 was initially transmitted.

“The intelligence community does not know exactly where, when or how the COVID-19 virus was transmitted initially,” Haines told a Senate hearing. She noted two theories, that it emerged from human contact with infected animals or the result of a laboratory accident.

“We’re continuing to work on this issue and collect information,” Haines said in response to questioning by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., the top Republican on the Senate intelligence panel, about the virus’s early spread in China.

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  1. This hoax scamdemic was planned in Jan. 2017 which should tell you everything. It will be gone when the deep state cabal will be gone.

  2. The US intelligence agencies are too busy spying on the conservative Americans, so they have no time to spy on the actual threats.

    • No. They are very busy at work poring over President Trump’s 1989 personal tax return. They don’t believe the IRS.

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