US Is Closing The Troubled NYC Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself

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The U.S. government said Thursday it is shutting down an embattled federal jail in New York City after a slew of problems that came to light following Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide there two years ago.

The federal Bureau of Prisons said the Metropolitan Correctional Center will be closed at least temporarily to address issues that have long plagued the facility, including lax security and crumbling infrastructure.

The facility, in a complex of government buildings in lower Manhattan, currently has 233 inmates, down from a normal population of 600 inmates or more. Most of them are expected to be transferred to a federal jail in Brooklyn.

The decision to close the Metropolitan Correctional Center, which had been billed as one of the most secure jails in America comes weeks after Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco toured the jail and saw the conditions firsthand.

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    • The same evil corona as those elite coronas who were coronavirused; like the Clintons, Obamas, the queen, husband and children, the Bushes and many many more. Don’t expect mainstream to tell you about the atrocities they committed. Look it up. President Trump has been cleaning up these invisible enemies, aka Draining of the Swamp, since he came to power in 2016 and is still not done. Yuge job. Pray for him.

  1. When criminals shoot someone, the liberal-fascists blame guns. When the jail guards very-likely murder an inmate, the liberal-fascists blame another inanimate object – the jail.


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