US Issues Terror Warning To Americans Travelling To UK And Europe


The US has issued warnings to its citizens about travelling to the UK and continental Europe this summer.

An update from the State Department, issued on Monday evening, warned that Isis and al-Qaeda ‘have the ability to plan and execute terrorist attacks in Europe’.

It tells American travellers to be prepared with ‘an emergency plan of action’ if they visit Britain.

‘Extremists continue to focus on tourist locations, transportation hubs, markets/shopping malls, and local government facilities as viable targets,’ the advisory says.

‘Attacks could take place with little or no notice.’ Read more at Metro.



  1. Sorry @Sam the NYLIC, but while that may be a profound statement it is quite dumb actually for practical purposes. Some of who live in Israel, and have simchos in America AND CAN’T AFFORD DIRECT FLIGHTS, may not find your comment so witty.


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