US Keeps In Place Mask Requirement On Planes, Transit

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A requirement that people on planes and other forms of transportation in the U.S. wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will remain in place through at least Sept. 13, the Transportation Security Administration said Friday.

The mandate, which went into effect Feb. 1, was set to expire May 11.

Darby Lajoye, the acting TSA administrator, said in announcing the extension that masks “remain an important tool in defeating this pandemic” even though about half of U.S. adults have received a vaccine.

The rule requires people to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 across all transportation networks in the U.S. That includes at airports, on buses and on trains. People under 2 and with certain disabilities are exempt.

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  1. The FAA and the airlines are always seeking new ways to make life as miserable as possible for their paying costumers. Then, when the bums go bankrupt, they come with their grubby greedy hands to the taxpayers and milk them dry. Corrupt broken system.

  2. I wish Shuls & Jewish functions would be so respectful and be observing this requirement at least thru September 13th, which would take us past R’H 5782 thru יום י”ג מידות

    • Quick. Put your body mask back on and descend back down into your Mommy’s basement. You don’t want to be a rodef & rotziach like those people who go into a bias haknesses to daven to the borei olam. You’re still a little child and shouldn’t be taking any risky chances.

  3. Flight attendants’ announcement before landing in Israel: “Social distancing will start as soon upon disembarking” after sitting squashed together in the plane for 10 hours or more. What a joke.

  4. Lies, lies and more lies. It’s about controlling and subjugating the population. There are DOZENS of scientific, peer-reviewed studies that have been published, showing that masks do NOTHING to prevent the spread or infection rates of the disease. I, personally know at least two people who were careful to wear masks and still contracted the disease.

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