U.S. Rejects U.N. Call to Abolish Death Penalty


un-united-nationsThe United States has dismissed international calls to abolish the death penalty. U.S. State Department legal adviser Harold Koh told the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Council today that capital punishment is permitted under international law.Dozens of countries have urged the U.S. to halt or abolish the death penalty during the first comprehensive review of Washington’s human rights record before the 47-nation body.

Koh also described some recommendations by countries like Iran and Cuba as “political provocations.”

But he said the U.S. was committed to rooting out injustices such as racial profiling and would seriously consider signing a U.N. declaration on the rights of indigenous people.



  1. arabs who are interested in terrorism need to know that there is a death penalty. but then again, most of them go with their evil deeds anyway

  2. When the UN cancels the death penalty in ‘Sharia-Law’ states – then maybe come talk to us. (And #5 is right – paying its debts would marginally increase its credibilty and benefit NYC.)


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