U.S. Sanctions Russian Economy

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putin2Hours after the European Union agreed to level broader sanctions on Russia for its involvement in Ukraine, President Obama joined in. The United States joined the E.U. in placing sanctions on banking, energy, and defense sectors of the Russian economy.

While Russia can still export oil, for instance, sales of certain types of technology for oil exploration would be barred. European banks and investors won’t be able to buy or trade in most new bonds or securities issued by Russian banks, either.

“Today is a reminder that the United States means what it says and we will rally the international community in standing up for the rights and freedom of people around the world,” Obama said on the South Lawn of the White House. Read more at the New York Times.

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  1. I’ve truly tried hard to see the good in this president, but sadly I have concluded that he is an utter disgrace and that he is not to be dealt with as a serious person. He has not passed a single piece of serious legislation in over four years, and the respect of this nation as fallen dramatically on account of his shallowness. I thought we hit rock bottom with President Bush during the whole Iraq fiasco, but now I think the totality of Obama’s lack of presence on the international stage is an even worse prospect. He lacks the sense of character needed to present a strong case on basically any issue.
    I agree with the president on gun control, healthcare, the economic bailout, even on immigration to a certain degree among other things. But the fact is he has not been able to get anything done in years. He can’t seem to get along with any of his fellow lawmakers in D.C. which is a big part of a presidents job.
    I do realize that he has been dealt a rough hand due to the enormous opposition he has from congress, however he too is partly to blame for that and at the end of the day it is his responsibility to get over it.
    It seems to me that he only respects clear actions and that he places no respect at all to the way things are presented. Although in theory that might be a good thing, however in politics that obviously does not work well. I hope 2016 will bring a fresh slate to the capital but looking at the contenders i’m not very optimistic.

  2. If he only “joined in” that isn’t exactly “rallying the international community”.
    This president is a coward

  3. Too bad Syria isn’t contributing too much to world markets otherwise the US and EU would intimidate them by placing sanctions on them too. Oh well, I guess they have no choice but to let them carry on butchering their own people by the thousands.

  4. Putin is shivering in his boots! He cant sleep at night anymore! Obama has him terrified! My only concern is that Putin shouldn’t commit suicide from all this stress the President of the United States is causing him.


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